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Lots of valuable things to share in today’s Flash Finance Update where our wonderful client, Leanne Petersen, talks about her view on the market and what’s currently happening. Leanne is a town planner from New South Wales, and she does a lot of work in New South Wales and Queensland. She’s a consultant who is freely available to help the right people who are doing interesting things. Watch our video below to learn more or check out her details below if you want to connect with her. Also, I am finally back from holidays and into the swing of things. One thing I can confirm about traveling is it’s broadening. My culinary indulgences in Greece were thankfully counterbalanced by the countless steps I took exploring its ancient ruins. Speaking of steps, have you ever visited Meteora? The ascent there is both breathtaking and challenging!

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On a different note, I recently had an insightful conversation with Ben Mitchell of Your Key Advocacy. You can reach him directly at 0481 297 303 if you’re curious. He shared that apartments in Melbourne, which had prior cladding concerns but have since been repaired and cleared by the Victorian Building Authority, are now entering the market at quite enticing prices. Many sellers, after navigating through the turmoil, are eager to move on. This trend might offer a silver lining for both investors and those looking to purchase their first homes. It’s worth mentioning that the clearance report is comprehensive, detailing not just the cladding but the overall health of the building.

Ben Mitchell Your Key Advocacy 0481 297 303


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