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We are National Award-winning mortgage brokers who specialise in lending advice for first home buyers and property investors. Our focus on education empowers our clients to make a competent decision and get the most suitable outcome for their property investment. While we are based in Melbourne, we work with clients all across Australia.

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We Love To Educate And Empower.


We know it can be a daunting prospect to buy your first home but we also know help is available to get you through.

Sometimes one of the most encouraging incentives is to hear the stories of other First Home Buyers, so please click below and we will send you some of our clients’ stories.

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Which type of property investor are you?


Refinancing is not a dirty word – it really is a good option to think about your current financial position and assess what choices are available to you.
Download our inspiring story of a young couple with 2 children who did just that and saved $10K per year.

Who We Are.

We are mortgage brokers who focus on our clients. It’s all about you! We want to help you to discover your dreams and ambitions for now and into the future, then we can design finance to suit your changing needs.

Our Melbourne mortgage broker service is 100% complimentary to you for our mortgage broking service – the banks pay us because the service we provide frees their staff up to concentrate on bank stuff. We can offer an independent review and the right solution for you – not just what an individual bank can offer.

The right banks support our service as well, by backing us up through the branch channel liaising with the customer and us to give you the best of both worlds. Our mortgage brokers carefully and confidently assess where you are now and help you plan a path into the future.

If you want someone you can trust to share your most private money concerns with, you will love being a part of the Property Education Company.

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The Scaredy – Cats Guide to Buying a Property

The 7 Keys to Buying Confidently

Gain access to some of the keys to help you make your first property purchase.

  • Your decision-making criteria
  • Your deposit
  • How to improve your credit score
  • How to decide what makes a good property
  • How to handle Real Estate Agents
  • Key questions to ask your solicitor before you Buy
  • Keys to getting a loan


    What Our Clients Say.

    Louise Lucas and her team are the BEST!

    We would not dream of going to anyone else for our loans and for property advice. She has such a positive, “can do” attitude and her team are professional and helpful.

    We have always felt confident that Louise will do the best for us and work hard to help us achieve our goals.

    Thank you!

    Lyndel & Adrian, Vic

    The team at The Property Education Company, mortgage brokers, literally saved me thousands by getting the best interest rate and deal on my home loan.

    They were easy to work with and helped me through the whole process.

    Ashley, WA

    Louise Lucas and her team worked so hard to get me the best deal for my mortgage.

    Louise was always professional and friendly. No question was too minor.

    I can’t thank Louise and Demelza enough for making my dream of buying a house come true.

    Linda, Vic

    Approachable, knowledgeable and easy to deal with.

    Louise and her team were absolute rockstars helping me navigate the trials and tribulations of buying my first home!

    Quentin, Vic

    Louise was incredibly helpful throughout the purchase of my first home.

    She was very supportive and her hard work and knowledge really paid off.

    I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to purchase a property!

    Will, Qld

    Louise and her team have helped us in obtaining finance for multiple property purchases and with refinancing our existing mortgages.

    We’ve always found all The Property Education Company staff to be highly approachable, responsive, professional and fully committed to helping us achieve our goals.

    We’d highly recommend using their services!

    Nathan & Sarah, Vic

    My partner and I cannot fault Louise and the team for the service they provided us in educating and talking us through the purchase of our first home.

    From our first meeting where we discussed our goals and what we wanted out of our first property, to coaching us around the offer process, to finalising our loan documents in a timely manner.

    Your guidance and expertise were invaluable and gave us the confidence to secure our property for a great price before it went to auction.

    Thank you, Louise and team, we will continue to seek out your support when it comes time for future purchases, refinancing and investments

    Darcy, Vic

    Louise and her team are absolutely amazing! I was referred to Louise, by a friend who has purchased several properties with her assistance.

    Louise, I cannot thank you enough for taking the stress out my first purchase you’re an absolute gem! You made purchasing so simple and easy, you took the stress out of my life every time I had a panic attack by answering my simple questions, you always rang or emailed, keeping me updated.

    Please if you’re ever in Brisbane, my doors always open, and the kettle is always warm. You deserve 100 stars. Thank you and your team so very much!

    Dakota, QLD

    Louise and her team went above and beyond to help us purchase our first home.

    Really appreciated the honest and helpful advice at all stages of the process – from property research and making an offer, right through to finance and settlement.

    Highly recommended!

    Alex, Vic

    Thanks once again to Louise and crew at The Property Education Company.

    Just completed another successful, and this time complicated, settlement. We have worked with Louise, as our mortgage broker on our own home and several investments, since our daughter was 3 – she is now 16!

    We would not go anywhere else. Yes, it is possible to refinance with a person with a smile!!

    Many thanks to Louise and team!

    Jamie & Kate, Vic

    Louise and her team were with us for over a year as we searched for, finally found, and bought our house.

    We were a tricky customer, my partner has a temporary residency visa, and they still managed to secure us a competitive loan at our bank of choice.

    Settlement took four months which was extremely frustrating, but Louise was with us the whole way, offering support at all necessary junctures.

    We felt very well taken care of, and would recommend Louise, and The Property Education team, for all mortgage requirements.

    Gemma-Rose, Vic

    Can’t recommend Louise and her team highly enough.

    Louise walked me through the whole process & took all of our considerations on board when finding a great home loan.

    She hustled hard for us through some tricky situations. Was so glad to have her on our side

    Patrick, Vic

    Let Louise and her team take care of everything! We contacted Louise on the advice of friends. I initially called her to just discuss when we might be ready to apply for a loan and she said “right now! Trust me!” – and she was right.

    She’s available for advice, stupid questions, peeling you off the edge of the cliff when you’re stressed whenever you need. She is forthright and will not stuff you around – if she says it’s all good, it’s all good!.

    The rest of her team is equally as professional and helpful. An excellent experience for buying our first home. Thank you, team!

    Lauren, Vic

    Louise and her team have been fantastic in securing a competitive investment loan for us recently.

    Louise helped us navigate our way through the loan documentation, answering all the questions and quickly sort out any issues with the bank.

    We’re repeat customers and we would highly recommend The Property Education Company.

    Kirsten, NSW

    The Property Education Co was recommended to me by a work colleague who had worked with Louise. I’m so glad I listened!

    Louise made the process quick and simple and was able to negotiate the automaton approach of financial institutions.

    Please don’t waste your time ringing banks for loans, just give these guys a call, go and see them and you’ll be glad you did.

    David, Vic

    Several years ago, Louise Lucas was recommended to me by a close friend who said, ‘Louise will look after you’ – how true that statement was! Not being an expert in this field,

    I felt in good hands with Louise who was very thorough and personally took the time to guide me through the process correctly.

    Her office is still in regular contact, making sure I am always getting the best rate on my mortgage. I am currently looking at upsizing, and once again Louise and her team are providing a seamless experience.

    Thank you!

    Deanna, Vic

    There’s a reason why this brand keeps taking out top awards in Victoria and Australia in real estate brokering. THEY ARE THE BEST.

    Thanks to Louise Lucas, who took me under her wing and educated me on ‘how to buy a property’ while I was clueless, she did all the hands-on sorting of my financials and locked it all in.

    Beyond her helping me with two properties now, she goes the extra length in service and is constantly reassessing better rates for me to consider – and then she actives it all with her team.

    Honestly, it’s never been easier to buy properties than with this team. And to know that Louise who is SO jolly and supportive, is just a delight to lean on.

    Clare, Vic

    My partner and I were buying our first home and had no idea where to start or what to expect, but after one meeting with Louise our minds were at ease.

    Her energy and confidence were infectious, and it was with that conviction that we placed our first offer on a home, only for it to be accepted!

    We couldn’t believe our luck. Everyone we dealt with at the Property Education Company was kind, dedicated, knowledgeable and accommodating, and I can’t recommend them highly enough.

    Incredible service, competitive rates and a friendly and supportive team of experts.

    Samantha, Vic

    Louise, Claudia, Quena – Thank you so much for all your all help with the purchase of our home. You took the stress out of everything, were clear and responsive, always there to help whenever Marie or I needed it.

    The little things, like sending us coasters with our home printed on them made me smile, such a nice little gesture 🙂 The service was impeccable, I cannot rate you highly enough for your professionalism and support throughout the entire process.

    Thanks again and I will definitely be back in touch in the event I buy another home or investment property 🙂

    James, Vic

    Louise was recommended to us. Sometimes recommendations aren’t always as great as the recommender made out…

    Louise and her team did not disappoint, in fact having sold and purchased a number of properties in the UK and Australia and dealt with many mortgage brokers and solicitors , Louise easily comes out on top !

    Over above expectations. This team will help you overcome some of the trials and tribulations of purchasing your investment property or dream home. So impressed!

    Sarah, Vic

    Louise and the team are fantastic at what they do. So friendly, resourceful, and thorough in everything they do.

    Full of great advice and helped me secure a great deal on my mortgage (they even negotiate lower interest rates on your behalf if they become available) Although at that time my girlfriend wasn’t able to refinance any of her existing mortgages with Louise.

    She went above and beyond in her endeavors to help and even took the time to call us in to explain exactly what the limiting factors were and how to overcome them, then proceeded to give her a book to help reduce her tax, and even wrote a script to follow and help negotiate lower interest rates with her lenders to help maximize her returns (which worked with every bank).

    5 stars is not enough to be quite honest! We won’t go anywhere else for our mortgage advice ????

    Tim, Vic

    I signed up to attend one of Louise’s property seminars. The morning of I was very tempted to stay in bed and save myself the 50 minute drive. I also thought to myself – what could they possibly say that would make it 4 hours long!

    But I am so glad that I ended up going. The seminar was fantastic with a variety of speakers covering various aspects of purchasing property. Whether you’re a first time buyer or investor, I would highly recommend attending one of these sessions.

    Maria, Vic

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