The Lazy Tax – How much are you paying?

While some of us are mortgage prisoners – trapped due to our changing circumstances and different incomes – like changing from employed to self-employed incomes, often just looking at our current interest rates and finances makes us want to hide under the bedcovers. However, some of the rates currently on offer are enough to make you leap out of bed and take decisive ACTION!
If you fix your home loans, boy are the banks making major offers to attract you! We are seeing cash backs for purchases and refinances, as well as a range of LMI (lenders mortgage insurance) concessions for some borrowers.  And what’s more, we’re seeing interest only rates on investment under 4%*. If you want us to review your rates, please call.
*comparison rate of 4.04%

And speaking of tough, I am delighted to introduce you to our newest team member, Demelza Newlove. During her career, Demelza has been a Major in the Australian Army, has worked as a property coach and has seen action in most of the hot spots around the world – places where I would always be grateful not to live. During that time, she bought numerous investment properties so has great experience in buying and holding properties. She is perfect for giving support to our clients when they are buying as well as giving the banks the right push along when they need it. And if you don’t submit your documents on time, she might make you do 20 push-ups!
I am off to Nepal after Easter to train some of our other team members including Smriti Shrestha, who recently graduated with Honors with her Bachelor in Business Administration and is a gun at chasing the lenders for existing clients and requesting better discounts. If you haven’t yet seen the benefit of her work, you will soon. So keep those purchases and refinances coming as we need lots of real files to work through while I am there.

Our team – Daisy in the Philippines, Louise, Andrea and Demelza in Melbourne and Smriti in Nepal

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter and if I can be of any assistance to you, please call me on 0412 709 200 or 1300 881 220.