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Parental Guarantees get a bad rap, but that’s not necessarily so….

Malcolm Turnball recently teased Jon Faine about buying a place for his children and years ago many parents offered up the family home with little consideration for their own livelihood or retirement circumstances and sometimes tragically, lost their homes.  However, NOW banks have changed the way they attribute guarantees and parents can offer a limited guarantee which limits the amount the bank can claim back from the extra property offered as security.   This gives all a huge degree of protection.

Let me explain how it works…..

In order to avoid lenders mortgage insurance (an extra charge by lenders when the loan to value ratio is above 80%) people who have good servicing but not much in cash (usually first home buyers) can borrow 80% of the value of the place they are purchasing then the other 20% against a separate security – (the parents house – hopefully an investment property, not their own home). So the borrowers must have:

  1. 5% genunine savings which must be held for three months in their savings account (this is part of the deposit);
  2. 80% borrowed against the house they are purchasing; and
  3. 20% borrowed against the parents’ house making up the total cost of the house including stamp duty and legals.

So on a $500,000 purchase, this means the borrowers need $12,468 for stamp duty plus approximately $2000 for costs so rounded up a total of $515,000 in total for the purchase.

  1. $25,000 in genuine savings;
  2. they can borrow $400,000 against the new purchase property (80%LVR) and they need an extra loan of
  3. $90,000 which becomes the loan against the parents’ property. So should the children default and after the sale of the original property, the maximum the parents could be left with in debt is $90,000.
Sounds like a great way to get those 30 something Gen Y’s out the door.

Please note, Louise is going to the UK for a couple of weeks (she is singing at Royal Albert Hall!).  It will be “business as usual” at the Property Education Company, but please call Andrea on 0468 758 200 if you have any queries.

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