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In today’s Flash Finance Update, I am excited to introduce the wonderful Jesse Waterman who has been our client for a long time but only had success recently.

We want to talk about his journey so others are inspired to hang on and keep going. Jesse is pleased to share how happy he is being in his new home now and is particularly thrilled about having his own library all beautifully set up.

Watch our video below to learn more about his interesting homebuying journey.

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Louise: Hi everyone and welcome to this Flash Friday Finance Update. I am excited to introduce the wonderful Jesse Waterman who has been a client for a long time, actually, but only had success recently and so we want to talk about that journey so others are inspired to hang on and keep going. So, Jesse, you’re in your new home. Show us the beautiful library. You’ve done very well there.

Jesse: Correct. So yes, this is the library. This is perhaps the main reason for wanting to buy a place to move all these books from a single bedroom into a whole room dedicated to books.

Louise: I bet your parents are thrilled!

Jesse: Yes, that’s right, out of the parents’ place into the library. We got these and these around here and on this side.

Louise: Well done! Oh my goodness. I’ve done Billy bookcases for sure and lots of times I love them too. But anyway, that’s awesome. So how exciting for you. You’ve got it all beautifully set up and you’ve only been in it a short time. So, tell everyone a little bit about your journey.

Jesse: I got a new job in 2022 as a firefighter, and towards the end of the recruit course I started thinking about the prospect of maybe buying a house in a few years. I was 27 at that time, I was thinking maybe early 30s. And so I spoke to a friend who recommended Louise and The Property Education Company because he had success buying through them. And so I thought I’d call up and just say what plans years down the line could look like and Louise basically said, “We can get you in much sooner than that if you so desire.” So that was about June last year 2022 and then it was a bit of a protracted process for me.

Jesse: How did we start out? I think initially there wasn’t any issue getting the pre-approval and everything like that the first time around and then I was kind of looking. I was looking but I wasn’t looking super hard and then that initial loan or the pre-approval lapsed, and then that was earlier this year. And with interest rates going up it was then quite difficult. Especially with we had some complications.

Louise: We had some payroll complications, didn’t we?

Jesse: Yes, there was a bunch of stuff at my work without getting payslips and not getting paid overtime. So that was all just like a huge headache where Louise and the team were super helpful in trying to navigate a pretty tricky situation. But then eventually we got there and then in May finally made it happen. So a longer journey that might be for some but excellent support the whole way through and in a place that I love now and really thrilled with everything.

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