How to Make 2024

The Best Year of Your Life

Welcome back from the holidays! We at The Property Education Company are here to empower your financial journey in 2024. First off, a huge thank you for being such valued clients!

To celebrate the year gone by, check out our fun infographic (designed by the talented Daisy!) showcasing our 2023 wins. We love sharing useful information and celebrating with you each time a mortgage loan is approved. It’s the journey that makes it all worthwhile!

Speaking of journeys, feeling a bit tired after the break? We understand! That’s why we wanted to share this insightful vlog from Dr. Ali Abdaal, a fantastic productivity expert and author of “Feel Good Productivity”. His practical tips are sure to help you conquer any early-year fatigue and hit the ground running. Click here to watch his video.

And remember, your feedback is invaluable! If you haven’t yet, please take two minutes to fill out our quick survey here on the content you’d like to see. Not only will you help us shape our information to your needs, but you could also win $100!

With Doing the Right Thing, Humility, Drive, Visionary, and FUN! as our guiding lights, we’re here to support you every step of the way. Let’s make 2024 your most financially empowering year yet!