If you are coming off a low fixed-rate loan later this year, it might be time to start working out what the new interest rate could push your loan repayment up to.

Owner-occupied standard variable loans’ current interest rates range from the high 4 percent to the mid-5% range depending on the loan-to-value ratio, security used, and loan type. Major bank economists told us this week that they expect rates to go up another 0.5%, and then sit at that level until the end of 2024.

If you want help working out a potential repayment might be after the fixed term is over either give us a call or check out our website calculator here.

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Connective Lender Splendour

This week, Caitlyn, Ally, and I attended the Connective Lender Splendour event – a showcase of all the lenders and their latest updates for us. We certainly had so much fun! Click on the video to find out more about what we learned from this event.

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The Ultimate Event for Smart Property Women

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Strategy for Success Quiz:
  • 1st cup: You go with ease from one success to the next. With ambition, motivation, and energy you are a role model for many people.
  • 2nd cup: You are a creative person, capable of working on innovative projects.
  • 3rd cup: You have a super memory, which is the foundation for your success.
  • 4th cup: Your concept for success lies in calmness. This also has a positive effect on your environment.
  • 5th cup: Honesty is your greatest strength. You use your empathy to help others and yourself.
  • 6th cup: Your energy leads you to success. Your positive aura alone makes you and your environment grow.