Granny Flats, Interest Rates and The Lazy Tax

New Trial to make Granny Flats or other second dwelling approvals quicker

Fascinating that Victoria is trialing fast-tracking approvals for secondary accommodation on your property for family members.
Four local government precincts are participating in the trial and are promising planning approval within 10 days If you meet certain criteria which include a maximum height of 5 metres, maximum floor size of 60 metres and meet minimum garden, siting and design requirements – it could be a quick response and away you go!
The trial will continue till March 2021 and should have a significant impact in allowing infill housing in established areas where the blocks are larger.
Well at least then parents should be able to get the kids out the door if not off the block!!
Source:  Royalauto  Click here to read more details

Interest Rates

Lenders are moving rates on fixed rate products (after the RBA moved down from 0.25% to 0.1%) but most are not offering reduced variable rates.  Now could be the right time to fix your home loan rates to gain the maximum benefit. Also, we are still getting lots of significant rebates offered to clients when they refinance. So if you haven’t had a review lately, please call and we shall try hard to get some benefit for you from these.

Applying for a Discount rate on your file

It is pretty standard lender process to request the client sign a form before we can ask for a discount on the variable rate on your loan after settlement. We do our best to send these to you and request you sign them so we can secure a sharper rate for you because if you don’t, you are paying what one client calls the LAZY TAX!! Please don’t – as it’s so simple to cure.


Louise has been spending way too much time at WNC after too long at OFC.

Gotta love the ingenuity of some people and these travels “around my home” photos!!  A Taj Mahal of toilet paper is as close as I’ve got to travel this year.

Quote of the Day:
“To pursue your passion and never achieve is far better than never having a passion and living with regret forever.”
Keith Abraham

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