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Standard contracts for purchasing residential property are not so standard anymore.  Today I speak with Elizabeth Michael, from City Pacific Lawyers.  Elizabeth discusses the importance of having a contract reviewed BEFORE you sign to help avoid a world of pain.
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It’s tax return time and property investors need to be ready.
Given the economic uncertainty, it’s never been more important for investors to maximise their deductions to reduce tax.
At the same time, investment in new homes is soaring on the back of government stimulus. Enhancing the bottom line through depreciation is a key attraction of investing in new property.
This makes it crucial for investors to be aware of “The New Depreciation Reality”.
One of the nation’s foremost experts, Peter Foldes of Washington Brown Depreciation , will present all the details in a special webinar event hosted by Hotspotting founder Terry Ryder on Thursday 27 August.
In the webinar, Peter Foldes will answer a series of key questions:

  • What is Depreciation?
  • How does claiming depreciation benefit a property investor?
  • How have the COVID-19 Restrictions affected Depreciation?
  • What is the New Depreciation Reality?

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