First Home Buyers dispel the myth of how hard it is to buy

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First Home Buyers dispel the myth of how hard it is to buy

First home buyers Dan & Chelsea had heard nothing but horror stories about how hard it was to buy a home so were very reluctant to start the process. Here’s their story about how wrong they were and how happy they are to have their own unit in Collingwood after renting for a several years.

Q. How did you find out about Louise and her services as a mortgage broker?
She came extremely highly recommended by a friend.
Q. Did you know much about buying your first property?
We didn’t at all. I had done some research online but it’s hard to find a simple breakdown of the steps and stages.
Q. What were the sort of things that was Louise able to help you with that otherwise you would have perhaps been in the dark about?
Louise explained everything simply, right from our first meeting. She helped us in obtaining a conveyancer, explained how to bid properly and guided us in selecting properties that were suitable. She was also extremely helpful during the bidding and contracting negotiation process in which she took a lot of my panicked calls out of hours.
Q. How much of a deposit did you have?
$60,000. We had to pay Lenders Mortgage Insurance because of our loan:value ratio, but we saved on the First Home Buyers Stamp Duty exemption which is in place in Victoria.
Q. Did you have a parental guarantee?
Q. I think you purchased via a private sale? What are some of the tricks you learned about this process?
We purchased through an agent but bought our property in the 2 days following an auction as it was passed in. This meant tense negotiations and bidding. From the moment we first inspected to the moment we signed and paid a deposit was less than 48 hours.
Q. How much value do you place on using the services of a mortgage broker? Did you ever consider going straight to the bank?
After the experience we had with Louise I would never think to go directly to a bank. Her services were invaluable. When I discuss my property with other owners they often say how horrible and hard the process was. I have to be careful not to let them know just how easy it was for us, purely because of Louise and the team. We could not have purchased a property and wouldn’t have without Louise and the team’s help!
Q. How likely are you to recommend the services of Louise and her business?
100%. I can’t recommend Louise and the team enough.
Q. We like to think The Property Education Company offers much more than just writing the mortgage loan. Would you agree?
Without a shadow of a doubt.
Q. What’s the best thing about owning your own place?
Getting air conditioning installed as soon as we moved in! Other than that we love the security and the homely feeling. We also don’t have to hide pets during rental inspections!
Please do not hesitate to call me or a member of my team on 1300 881 220 if you would like to discuss your situation so we can help you buy your first property too!
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