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Christine’s 5% Secret to Home Sweet Home

Ever thought buying your first home sounded just like climbing Everest? Well, we have some news that might just turn that mountain into a molehill.

The First Home Buyer Deposit Scheme is a ray of hope for many, offering a golden opportunity to step onto the property ladder with a deposit as low as 5%. But here’s a juicy bit you might not know – it’s all about what you earned last year, not this year – as evidenced by your Notice of Assessment from the ATO (what you get back from the ATO after you have done your tax). 🤯

This little-known detail was a game-changer for Christine, whose current income exceeded the scheme’s limit. Fortunately, her income from the previous year met the criteria, unlocking her ability to secure her dream home with just a 5% deposit (although being a great worker and saver she had more).

Today, Christine is the proud owner of a beautiful new home, a testament to her hard work and our commitment to guiding our clients through every step of their homeownership journey.

Check out Christine, all smiles in front of her new place. Isn’t it awesome?

We totally get a kick out of stories like Christine’s because it means we’re hitting the mark with you, our clients. Usually, we’d send over some delicious cookies as a little “thanks!” but they never stick around long enough for a photo op. Once a year we host an exclusive dinner to honour our most prolific referrers. It’s our way of saying thank you, for not only do we get to extend our services to more people like Christine, but we also build a community of satisfied homeowners who trust us with their dreams.

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