Case Study: Clarity Gives You Confidence When Buying

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Clarity Gives You Confidence When Buying

One of our clients, Clare, runs her own business and was concerned about buying an investment property alone.

Clare recently purchased her first investment property and would like to share her experience of using Louise, her mortgage broker.
Clare has her own owner occupied (OO) property which Louise helped her buy several years ago, and which we recently refinanced to release equity for a deposit.  Clare also attended our “How to Buy a Property” Workshop in November last year.
The Workshop made her aware of the differences between buying your OO home to an investment property as she didn’t know enough about it and the course helped make it simple to understand.
Louise helped Clare find the best new bank for her OO home.  Clare says “Louise  goes shopping for you”.  This change in refinancing her OO home saved her $000s.  Her original lender would not move on rate, and when Clare mentioned going to a broker they changed their mind offering a slight reduction.
Clare says “A broker has your back”, whereas  she feels a bank will deceive you.
“Louise shuts down the anxiety – banks aren’t truthful”, Clare commented.
“Louise supports you, saves you money and keeps that anxiety at bay – she is like a counsellor!”
“Clarity gives you confidence” says Clare, so she felt empowered to make the next move.

Clare had been looking at properties in Frankston and found this little gem that was being sold privately.  This was a plus but also brings with it a few unknowns.  You don’t have the “security” of the Real Estate agent.
Louise could research this property’s sales history and instantly knew this could well be a great buy!
Be strategic…..
Clare also understood the strategy she needed to apply to get the deal done.  i.e. What do I need to offer to get this over the line?  Clare felt comfortable as she knew she could contact Louise for help and hold her hand – a great sounding board.
Dealing directly with the vendor worked to Clare’s advantage, but could not have been done without the support of Louise.  Louise was available during the negotiations and pretty much ensured an instant result.  Clare put in an offer, and then a counter-offer and eventually the vendor accepted.  There was then a funny moment when neither the vendor nor Clare understood the paperwork, so they called Louise and she talked them through every section of the contract via phone!
Don’t be emotionally involved….
Clare believes she knew how to not “emotionally” buy because of Louise’s training.  She knew she had nothing to lose by asking questions and making offers.  Bottom line is Clare felt clear, educated, supported throughout the process and trusts Louise as she is honest, has a good moral code, shifts the risk and shuts down the anxiety.
She believes she understands more now about tightening your goals, shutting down your debt and following a strategy to achieve results.
Using other services once you have purchased…
Clare used the services of a wonderful conveyancer who Louise recommended, is happy with her choice of RE Agent to manage her property and will engage the services of Washington Brown to prepare a depreciation report for taxation purposes (another thing she know nothing about prior to Louise advising of such a thing in her training!).
  Congratulations Clare!