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Today, for a bit of light relief, I’m sharing some of the best APPS/Websites I have found during the last few months and I’d love for you to do the same for me so please send back any great ideas you have found that might be useful to share.

Favourite Place to order food

We love Quat Quatta in our home – they do brilliant food and they donate 1000s of meals to those who need them.  Very reasonably priced and as we are so bored with cooking, this is a great option and we are doing some social good at the same time. Gotta love that. The serves are really generous and they give wine with an order over $50. Amazing.

Recommended by Harry, one of my clients who is a major foodie.  Check out – this effort provides free meals to out-of-work hospitality workers and now has 36 volunteers delivering 1500 meals per week!

Snooper is an app that allows you to be a mystery shopper and get paid for doing shopping! So if you are looking for some extra cash and are extra bored by Covid – you can take photos of your shopping trip and make abit of money on the side!! How cool is that?

Buy Aussie Now was started by a man laid off due to Covid and thought he should support others – particularly Aussie businesses – what a legend!! When in need yourself, help others.
Great philosophy.


Future Crunch sends us the Good News each week that you can never get enough of. These stories never seem to hit the major news providers but well worth reading to cheer us along – less poverty, more environmental goodness happening – everywhere!
Check out their good news stories here

My gorgeous team enjoying Ice-cream – I heard it keeps Covid away (not really!) But I thought we all needed a treat to cheer us on during this time.

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