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From right to left – Melissa, Penny, Samantha, Caitlyn, and me enjoying lunch at The Quincy Hotel.

Our broker team recently met for training and lunch – lucky for us Sam’s husband is the Executive Chef at The Quincy Hotel. Check out our lovely photo!

Our conversation turned to interest rates and if any of us worried about them. The response was a resounding NO! Maybe that was because we have all seen them much higher before (mine hit a high of 19.25% back in 1989).

We brainstormed some of the things you can do to help when you are worried. Such as renegotiating the term of your loan to longer, changing the repayment back to the minimum (as many are already paying more than required), moving our repayments back to monthly from fortnightly, use your redraw and offset funds (as over 1/2’s of Australian mortgage holders are estimated to be over two years ahead in repayments).

I will share more on this in a webinar with Terry Ryder – another person with lots of experience – at 12.30 pm on June 1st (click here to register for the event or click on the video below for a sneak preview).

We want you to know NEVER WORRY about finances alone! A quick call to us and we can always find some action to take that will help.

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