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December 2017
5 Reasons to BUY a New Home in the Christmas Holidays

It is common for many people to think now we are so close to the end of the year that nothing worthwhile will come up for sale so I need not bother looking until February for that new home or investment property. HOWEVER, you would be wrong, wrong, wrong as now the time is ripe for vendors who are still on the market to accept low ball offers as they want to finish 2017 and leave it all behind them.
I have had many clients buy throughout the silly season as banks work right through so we can always get a loan sorted. The only issue is conveyancers and most solicitors tend to close their offices at this time of year for a few weeks and expect the world to wait for them – unbelievable! But we have managed to find experts who will work throughout to assist urgent purchases.

So why buy now?

  1. Put your holiday to work
    It is time to put that holiday period to work for you! You said all year you would get the new house and finances sorted and now is the time to finally do it as you have the time to dedicate yourself to the search and sorting paperwork out. Get that Ipad out while watching the cricket and find that gem of a property, just waiting there for you.
  2. Less competition
    It is not so overwhelming as fewer people are out looking. Competition is much less, you can buy at private sale and it is much harder for agents to conjure up another bidder, when you know so few people are around.
  3. Motivated vendors
    You may get a better deal at this time as fewer people are around to make offers so you are much more likely to get a fair hearing from agents and vendors alike. Any vendor who is still on the market is now depressed and thinking they will not sell at the earliest till February and then not settle until April or May – nearly half a year away. So give them that low offer to help them move on and YOU move in!
  4. Support is at hand
    Family and friends can view potential houses with you as they are more likely to be available and viewing can be a relaxed and easy-going affair rather than a rush to view several houses in the one morning.
  5. Finance friendly conditions
    Rates are still incredibly low and what a great time to lock in and see yourself paying off a home quickly.  Plus this might be the best present you could ever give or receive!  On that note, congratulations to Dan & Chelsea, Jake & Nadine, Chelsea & Matthew, who have all purchased recently and settling early in the new year.  What a great way to start 2018!

NOTE WE ARE AVAILABLE THROUGHOUT the Christmas and New Year period for purchases and look forward to helping anyone who wants specialist property reports and information on How To Make Offers! So make sure you call me on 0412 709200.
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