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Have your buying options changed since working from home? Check out our clients’ journey below.

Our clients Craig and Rebecca, bought their first property late last year and settled in January 2021.  Craig has been a prospective client since 2017 (Louise says we never give up on you) and was originally planning to buy an investment property on his own, then after meeting Rebecca, they were able to buy as a couple.  They are a classic case of “it may not happen overnight, but it will happen!”  haha

Here’s their story:

How did you hear about us?
Two of my work colleagues (Steve and Eliza) had recently used Louise to help purchase investment properties. They both raved about how great she was to work with and recommend attending one of her seminars.
You are a first-time buyer but you had been looking to buy for a while.  Why was that and did you expect that to happen?
It was about 4 years ago, but I originally started looking into buying an investment property in a regional area such as Bendigo or Wagga. I hadn’t really considered buying a place to live in Melbourne as it seemed way out of reach on my single income at the time. However, the situation then changed when Rebecca and I considered buying a place together. We weren’t ready to buy straight away and needed to keep saving to get what we really wanted.
But yes it has been a while… I think Louise mentioned we’ve been her slowest clients to buy! Haha.
Did you change your mind about the area you wanted to live or did you always plan to live Bayside?
We always wanted to be close to the water and were originally looking around Edithvale and Chelsea due to the convenience to work. However, with both our jobs becoming flexible to work from home last year, we decided to look further away and found that Frankston South offered great value!
Were you entitled to any Government Grants or concessions?
We were able to get the first home buyer stamp duty concession
How did you find the process overall?  Any parts that worried you?
It was a short settlement and we were a bit anxious about meeting the finance clause on our contract just after the New Year (with the banks on holiday etc), but Louise kept onto them and got the job done.
Would you recommend using a mortgage broker? i.e. Louise?
What support did you find helpful?
Really appreciate Louise’s help during the research stage providing property reports and advice on valuations.
Can you imagine going through the process without support from your broker?
We would have buggered something up for sure!

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