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The Secret Weapon Homebuyers Don’t Know About (It’s Not Your Bank!)

Amazingly, some people still do not know what brokers do. Think of us as your home loan guide. We simplify the process and connect you with the most suitable loan for your needs. Here’s how:

Benefits of Using a Broker: The home loan landscape is changing! In Australia, over 70% of loans are now handled by brokers. Why? Because brokers focus on providing a smoother experience for borrowers. Unlike some banks that are scaling back services, we offer personalised guidance throughout the process. We simplify your options and advocate for you.

Finance Broker with First Home BuyersWe do the legwork: We have access to over 40 lenders, so you get tons of options to choose from. No need to spend hours researching!

Potentially save money, not sweat: We often negotiate lower fees for our clients because, well, it’s our job to get you the best deal. Unlike banks, our success depends on your success!

Stay on top of your loan: We re-evaluate your loan every six months to make sure you’re getting the most ideal- rate possible based on your current situation. Banks won’t do this for you unless you ask, but we have your back!

Your advocate, not a salesperson: We have a legal obligation to act in your best interests. That means comparing options across lenders and finding the one that saves you the most money, even if it’s not with our usual partners. Banks are not legally obliged to act in your best interests.

Here’s an example: The Property Education Calculator

The bottom line? Don’t overpay! Let us review your situation and find the most ideal loan for you. Discover how much you could be saving monthly just like some of our recent clients!

Click here to contact The Property Education Company today and stop paying the “Lazy Tax.” We’ll help you find the home loan you deserve.



Feeling overwhelmed by the complexities
of buying your first home?

We can help. Our team at The Property Education Company is here to guide you through every step of the process.

Let’s work together to make your dream home a reality!

As always, if we can be of any assistance and you would like a one-on-one consultation for any loan type, please reach out and book a time with us here.

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RBA Updates

At its second meeting for 2024, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) decided to keep the cash rate on hold at a 12-year high of 4.35 per cent.

In 2024, RBA meetings have changed from the first Tuesday of each month. Instead of meeting 11 times, they are only meeting 8 so this should provide some needed stability in our interest rates and less change makes you feel you have more control. Security, most of the time, feels better and it is a relief to avoid the constant noise from the media discussing what the RBA are doing or not doing.

Dates for future meetings are below.

  • 6–7 May
  • 17–18 June
  • 5–6 August
  • 23–24 September
  • 4–5 November.
  • 9–10 December.

More people are preferring variable rates which also seems sensible when all four of the major banks are anticipating rate reductions sometime later this year. We are watching to make sure you are positioned to take advantage.