Sanju Manandhar

Post-Settlement Liaison

Currently working as a Finance Assistant for The Property Education Company, Sanju is looking, learning, and expanding his knowledge of post-settlement. He has worked for Home Loan Experts as a Customer Relationship Specialist.

Before the mortgage industry, he was associated with a Media company working in digital media, newspapers, radio, and television (360 Degree).

He has also worked directly under the CEO of Nepal’s biggest Media House for almost 4 years and has ample knowledge about advertising, branding, and general management.

Sanju completed MBA, Major in Product and Brand Management. He has good communication skills and is always happy to learn new things.

Sanju is also a Practioner of Martial arts. He loves music and enjoys time with friends and is fascinated by spiritually and Quantum physics.

Did we mention our mortgage broking service is complimentary? And so is our property investment education support!