Demelza Newlove

Property Coach

Demelza comes from a background of planning in the defence force, she now applies that disciplined attention to detail to help clients like you determine the best mortgage and best strategy to meet your mission in life.

Demelza shares her personal experiences from home ownership in postings around Australia and as a property investor, to help you identify the best type of property and area for your family or portfolio – a unit, house renovation, established or new home – Demelza clearly explains the pros and cons of each strategy, indicators for growth and the financial implications.

Together we identify what is important to each individual to ensure your mortgage is structured to meet your needs. Her personal mission is “to educate to empower”.

When you settle on a property with The Property Education Company you will feel confident that you’ve made the right choice and you got the best deal possible that meets your needs and dreams.

Did we mention our mortgage broking service is complimentary? And so is our property investment education support!