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Loan Pre-Approval: Why It Matters

Last night’s Referral Dinner was a blast! It was fabulous celebrating our wonderful clients who are not only such lovely friends now, but also great referrers for The Property Education Company. We had a super night at the Brighton Yacht Club which looked after us so well.







 Why Loan Pre-Approval Matters

Have you ever fallen in love with a house, only to find out your finances weren’t quite ready? This is where loan pre-approval comes in – it’s your key to a smoother and more successful borrowing experience. Think of pre-approval as a sneak peek into your borrowing power. So why does pre-approval matter? Watch our latest video below to find out.

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P.S. Still hesitant? Imagine the feeling of walking into your dream home knowing you can actually afford it! #winning

Ticketmaster Global – Major Data Breach

It’s been reported in the last 24 hours that Ticketmaster global has experienced a major data breach. The personal information, phone numbers and credit cards of 560 million customers globally has been stolen, including 2 million Australian customers. The data is now for sale on the Dark Web for $500,000 USD unless Ticketmaster pays the equivalent in ransom. With this in mind, we’d advise the following precautions if you’ve used Ticketmaster in the past:

  • Check your credit card statements for any unusual activity. You may need to cancel the card or lock your card.
  • Change the password on any other websites if they’re using the same Ticketmaster password.
  • Consider subscribing to the Equifax Credit Protect service to protect your credit file from financial fraud. (I’ve been using this service myself for 17 years).
  • Lock down your credit file if you suspect credit fraud has occurred (ie; credit/loans being taken out in your name via identity theft).
  • Be aware if you lose mobile signal unexpectedly it can indicate SIM card hacking (your mobile number being stolen), which means hackers receive all your 2FA codes.

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