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Case Study

Financial Health Check

January 2018

Have you ever had a Financial Health Check?

If the answer is “No”, then you might enjoy reading the story of how doing this proved to be a great move forward for one woman’s financial well being!


Our client introduced his mother (we will her call Mrs X) to a Financial Planner* who often assists our clients when they are looking for some support with retirement planning, asset protection and insurances.

At the time of the first meeting, Mrs X doubted the usefulness of meeting a financial planner because as far as she was aware, her financial situation was hopeless. She was unsure of how much she had in her superannuation accounts and other accessible funds. Mrs X was having trouble meeting her everyday living expenses and debt repayments which were mounting rapidly along with the stress. She was struggling to pay her mortgage.
During the process of assisting Mrs X, the financial planner discovered lump sums of money that had accumulated from years of hard work. (This can happen if people have multiple jobs during their working life, and result in them having several superannuation funds which can sometimes be difficult to track). Based on her age and situation they established that Mrs X was able to start accessing funds in a tax effective method and consolidate several of her superannuation funds and reduce her tax payments and overall fees.
After weeks of research and a thorough analysis of the client’s situation, goals and objectives, they established a comprehensive strategy which they collated in a Statement of Advice, and presented to the client, complimentary. Clients only pay on acceptance of the plan, so they can judge the benefits for themselves before committing. The strategy included cash flow analysis and management, establishing a pension with her Defined Benefit Scheme monies and other accumulated superannuation, as well as other areas that would consequently help Mrs X have a cash flow that was positive enough to enable her to fund all outstanding debts and her lifestyle comfortably on an ongoing basis.
Mrs X is also in a position now where she may be able to go on a holiday if she so desires and can enjoy her retirement more comfortably.
The process has not only relieved a lot of stress for Mrs X but also for her immediate family.
Speaking of holidays, I am off to Africa in February for 4 weeks but please be assured that my team is always here to help you.
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*Please let us know if you would like to connect with a Financial Planner who has helped several of our clients with issues like lost Super, understanding the Aged Pension and the importance of income protection to name a few please. We recommend them because they are the only Planner we know who prepare your plan without charge, so they only get paid on successful implementation. They offer an obligation free opportunity to discuss your long term financial security.

Quote of the Day:
“You’ve got to tell your money what to do, or it will leave.”     – Dave Ramsey