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What a month March has been! So much has happened and where do I start?

    1. Well, I left Adelaide after our Smart Property Women event and spent 3 hours on the plane – several on the tarmac due to a flat tire
    2. Found out from the surgeon that my constant knee pain is really bad arthritis and a torn meniscus – nothing he can do yet…..(I know, lose weight, Louise!)
    3. Attended Barack Obama’s talk – he was illuminating on avoiding becoming cynically negative due to those who treat you poorly – most inspiring!
    4. Met 5 clients and submitted 4 loans
    5. Attended the Better Business Summit to learn the latest technology available for brokers
    6. Heard major lenders (like NAB) are now expecting rates not to continue increasing (some good news!)
    7. Another major Australian builder collapsed

How should you handle your loan when it comes off fixed interest if rates are potentially stabilizing?

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