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Welcome to our April Newsletter

Although Autumn is usually the busiest time of year for property auctions, this year many more sellers seem to be preferring private sales. Auctions may be down, however, there are still great homes up for sale and you may have more power to negotiate the price!

What’s the right loan for your renovation?

There are many different finance options to choose from when renovating your home. Here’s an outline of some of the ones we recommend to get your renovation dreams off the ground.

Do your tenants have pets?

It’s now harder for landlords to refuse requests by tenants to have pets. Here are a few ways you can cater to them and potentially help prevent your tenant’s pets causing serious damage.

How to compare home loans and features

Comparing different lenders, loan types and features can be overwhelming, especially for first-timers. Here are a few things that you may find helpful when making home loan comparisons.